Spring Salad

Spring Salad

Category: Recipes


  • 1 bag of spring mix salad
  • 1 bag of pine nuts
  • 1 pear
  • 8 oz of praline pecans
  • 1 package of Feta cheese
  • 1 tablespoon of butter
  • Balsamic vinaigrette


  1. Take the butter and the pine nuts and put them in a sauté pan cold.
  2. Turn up the heat to medium.
  3. Cut the pear into bite size pieces while you wait for the pine nuts.
  4. When the butter starts to sizzle agitate the pan to keep them from sticking.
  5. Stir until the pine nuts until slightly darker then when you started. They should give off a nice smell.
  6. Put the pecans in a bag to crush into small pieces.
  7. Now take all the parts and throw them into a large bowl and mix.
  8. Lastly, season to taste with Balsamic vinaigrette and enjoy.